Anchal Pandey

February 28, 2018

What you can’t learn from books about Marketing Automation


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Ric signed up for a newsletter with his email address. As a result, he got the download link or the first newsletter and a greeting note. A few days later, he receives a link to a related e-book. Sooner, he gets a call from the sales team about purchasing the product!

Impressive, Isn’t it?

It must be so tiring for the marketing team to analyze thousands of people who signed up and call the potential leads. In reality, it was done without anyone of the marketing team lifting a finger. This is what marketing automation does.

There are many unconventional facts about automatic automation that you won’t be finding in the books.

The not so general facts!

  • It gives an amazing client experience!

    If an individual buys a product or service from your company, how will you engage that person to move forward?

    The companies that make marketing and sales their priority knows how important it is to track people and maintain a relationship. Using automation may make these tasks easier.

    According to a survey performed by, thirty percent of the buyers had a good experience with the retargeted advertisements. Here, retargeted ads are the ones customized to offer related content or product based on the leads actions. By allowing your marketing automation to engage, the offerings can be customized in a way that customers want.

  • Search for loopholes in your marketing and sales

    Data collection and automation goes side by side and it also gives you better insight about your relation with your customer. If there is no automation, then you might doubt that your sales team is not opting for the right leads, or that the marketing team is not going through them before passing them on.

    But with automation, you will be able to find where you are losing interest so that you can increase your B2B sales with that knowledge.

  • You can segment your customer base and personalize them!

    If you are willing to increase the B2B sales through personalized marketing without any rigorous effort then marketing segmentation is a nice idea.

    By using the data given by the marketing automation, you can find segments and options that you never hope it existed.

    Why should you stick to demographics if you can segment your customer base according to the way they use their site, the offers they accept and the article they cling on to?

  • Handle data in a better way!

    A company named Venture boat noticed that the brands typically see a 20 to 50 % rise in the revenue after using the marketing automation.

    This increase is due to the reason that the marketing automation doesn’t get tired and start committing mistakes when they start handling data of 10 campaigns instead of 4.

    You can develop your approach as complicated and data-driven as you want by using marketing automation.

  • What do you really get in return?

    Most of the marketing automation technologies can provide you a close loop reporting which means that you can observe the fruitfulness of your marketing.

    You will have clarity about the lead’s lifecycle and you will be able to make appropriate decisions about where to invest in future campaigns.

    Using minimum effort, you can launch a number of campaigns, then study them in a detailed manner to learn the ways these campaigns succeed or failed. It lets your marketing team to focus on the innovative ways to enhance the B2B sales instead of wasting their time here.

    In a nutshell, marketing automation is worth the time and money and resources for the long-term growth of your business.

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