Yogesh Jain

February 28, 2018

What is Marketing Automation?


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In layman words, marketing automation is a platform which ensures that you deliver the right marketing message, to the right customers, at the right time. For this, a marketing automation system uses various online channels like email, social media, and websites. It streamlines, measures and automates routine marketing activities so as to bring efficiency in online marketing methods.

Marketing Automation provides a control channel to effectively market on multiple online channels from one place. With marketing automation software you can automate your marketing initiatives in accordance with the preferences and requirements of individual leads.

Features of Marketing Automation Software

Breaking it down to individual components a marketing automation software provides the following core features:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Media Automation
  • Marketing Analytics

ROI of Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation is proven to provide a number of benefits to the marketers. According to a report by Marketo, a marketing automation system offered the following benefits to the marketers:

  • 14% more pipeline from marketing
  • 11% decrease in time spent in sales
  • 17% direct increase in revenues

According to emarketer, 62% of senior marketers surveyed were using marketing automation to better understand their customers and prospects. Interestingly nearly 40% of them were using it to stay relevant against their competitors.

According to Nuclear research, 95% of companies reported some benefit from using marketing automation. It is expected to increase marketing staff productivity by 1.5% to 6.9% and increase in sales productivity by approximately 4%.

What Marketing Automation Does?

Marketing automation personalizes your marketing message according to the requirements of individual leads. It groups your leads based on information provided, personalizes and schedules emails, automates social media messages and records new leads generated via online channels to repeat and maintain the process.

A basic example of automated marketing for a web design company can be as follows:

  • Collect leads from the website using landing page/contact form.
  • Send a thank you mail with some blog content regarding good web design.
  • Ask for requirements using reply option in mail
  • Provide link to company portfolio and details about company
  • Schedule a call (human interaction)
  • Provide quotation
  • Thank you mail for purchase.

This is a very basic example of working with a marketing automation software. With more advancement this can include lead grouping, social media posts, call scheduling, CRM integration and a lot more. Sophisticated automation software is also able to prioritize leads on the basis of behavior patterns on internet and information provided during signups.

Such automated techniques help in scoring leads and personalizing marketing message to give the best value to your customers. Automated marketing brings relevancy in your messages to your prospective customers which increase signups, lead engagement and final conversion to paying customers. It even helps in increasing customer loyalty and advocacy for the brand by providing greater satisfaction to the clients.

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