What happens if you choose the wrong metrics?

How to Use Google AdWords Effectively?


We already know how Google AdWords works and how much the bidder actually pay. These are the fundamentals and key for a successful AdWords campaign. If you don’t know you may refer to our blog Google Adwords – How does it work. How to use it? and How much the bidder actually pay?

Know Your Customers

To quote Douglas Adams “a common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

You may think that you have an idea of your customer’s search habits, you may be surprised by the variety and complexity of the behavior of a typical internet user. A broad customer profiling is very important to determine the type of keywords he or she may be searching.

  • Know who they are.
  • Know what they are searching for.


Know what is in your store! Sort your keyword according to relevance and their search volume. Selecting the final keywords depends on your budget and goals. For example: If you have a large budget and lofty goals, you may use an ad group with high volume keywords (although they can be expensive).

If your budget is tight, you may refrain from general keywords. There is another problem with the high crowded group is that, if your CTR is low (which mostly is the case with new websites) your Quality Score decreases and so is your ranking.

Negative Keywords list

Know what is not in your store! Update and extend your negative keyword lists at least once a week. After few weeks you’ll have good data about searches that lead to your site. Download actual search data, and in excel search for keywords/phrases, you don’t want to appear, highlight them. Filter them and add them to the relevant negative keyword list. You can use exact match negative keywords if it’s needed.

Irresistible offer

Know what your competitors are offering! There is nothing better than providing relevant offers to customers for campaign effectiveness. This has dual benefit as it gets you higher CTR and also, google gets pleased as well. This is where the magic happens.

Call To Action

Know what do you want your customers to do! If you don’t have a pre-designed proper call to action, the searcher will be confused after the click and eventually will leave. This will harm your conversion rate and Quality Score. Remember, always send the traffic to the most relevant page.

ROI based Optimization

Know what do you want out of your ad campaign! Do ROI based optimization for effective results.Always make bidding strategy and campaigns keeping your return goals in mind. You can add column cost/value, determine what is the minimum ROI you want to reach e.g. 10, and increase bids for those keywords which have better cost/value than 10 and lower where metric doesn’t reach 10.

Conversion Tracking

Know what is going on your website! It is very important to track activities of your users on your website. Where are they coming from? What are they searching for? Put tracking mechanism in your website before running a campaign. Make a proper plan for CTA (call to action) where you want to send your customers, subscriptions or downloads.

Work Smarter

The end result of your ad campaigns is to increase your ROI. You should already be prepared with some homework and budgeting. Here are few things you should focus to get most out of your money.

  • Know your budget! Monitor your budget allocation and determine how much you spent on certain devices. Focus on the device which gives you more conversion. For example: if you have a high conversion on mobile and low on the desktop, lower your bid on the desktop and focus more on mobile.
  • Know when it is enough! If you find out some low-performing keywords that have low CTR and are costly at the same time, remove and refrain investing on them.
  • Don’t get paranoid over updating your campaign. Update your “negative keyword” list so that you get a relevant audience to your business and improved quality score. But, remember too many changes may diminish your campaign effectiveness. So optimize your campaign in moderation.