February 28, 2018

Best Friends Forever..


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Must be Guessing who these besties are?Well, they are the Automation and Digitalization Duo!Digitalization is the process of collaborating digital technologies into business models for more progression in the digital revolution. Whereas Automation is the process of making the procedures automatic for seamless communication to prevail. The same story can be applied to Digitalization in marketing practices and Marketing Automation.

Is there really a difference between these friends?

Some argue that digitalization is just a way of extending automation. But the fact is Automation is just making the process self-sufficient to run on its own. In short, it is a self-made recurring activity for marketing domains. The digitalization runs around using technology for looking at different concepts or shades of an instance you define.Digitalization and Automation go hand in hand when there exists a need for revolutionizing marketing ideas. Moreover, Digitalization paves the way to Automating Marketing tools to leverage value addition onto operating vectors.

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