Yogesh Jain

February 28, 2018

How Small Businesses can benefit from Marketing Automation


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Starting a business and keeping it alive is a very challenging task. Down the road of entrepreneurship, you face a lot of challenges. Think of your major problems for a minute, are you facing these problems in your marketing:

  • Lack of resources (Money, Human, Time)
  • Generating quality leads
  • Increasing visibility
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Keeping up with trends and technology

This is the story of most of the business today. The solution is pretty simple, automate your marketing.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the automation of routine marketing activities like email marketing, social media optimization, shares, lead nurturing etc. Marketing automation provides great benefits to both SMBs and large business. It boosts sales and organizes marketing activities while maintaining a personal touch with the leads. If you are a small business looking to optimize your marketing through clear market approach then marketing automation is a must. Let us clarify the concept of marketing automation for you:

  • It is not just e-mail marketing. It involves automation of all tasks from social shares, targeting, emails, blog shares etc.
  • It is not robotic. Marketing automation increases personalization and helps in lead nurturing.
  • It is not just for MNCs and large organization but relevant for all businesses.
  • Bulk email and spamming are a big NO if you want to optimize your marketing activities.

Why choose marketing automation for small businesses?

Marketing automation can be very useful for small and medium scale businesses. As a small business, early adoption of automated marketing can give you a competitive advantage. The benefits offered by such marketing models are great as it helps you focus on core sales by leaving digital marketing to experts. Here are some statistics to consider:

  • 78% CMO’s think that marketing automation is the future of digital marketing
  • 63% of companies outgrowing their competition use automated marketing.
  • 78% of companiesusing marketing automation see their revenue increase by more than $6 million annually.
  • Lead nurturing emails get 4 -10 times more response than normal emails.

Small business gets an extra edge with marketing automation. These are some benefits which marketing automation can promise to small business:

Easy Implementation & Budget Control

It is easy to implement these models in the initial stages as the amount of data is comparatively less. Due to less amount of data you can use a lot of free tools to cut your marketing spend while dealing with automation. In the initial stages, you will need a lesser amount of staff to deal with marketing with automation and your sales team will also be aided with more leads.

Customer Retention

As the business grows it becomes impossible to maintain a 1:1 connection with all your clients. Marketing automation comes at handy in providing customized messages to your clients according to their needs. It increases personalization and humanizes marketing. Moreover, it increases click through rates and helps in generating more leads. With marketing automation, it becomes easy to retain your customers and generate business from your existing clients.

Full Use of CRM

If your CRM suite integrated well with your automated marketing then it can lead to great results. Marketing automation takes customer relationship management to another level. You can optimize your messaging and record client’s responses for your products simultaneously. Make sure that your CRM is easy to integrate with online marketing activities. It is proven that marketing automation speeds lead closing. In some of the industries, up to 72% increase was noticed in lead conversion.

Ease in Generating Quality Leads

Automated marketing helps in generating quality leads and provides higher conversion rates. It improves the quality of leads by delivering the right content to the right audience. With the proper lead acquisition by delivering value to your customers you get an increase in the number and quality of leads. This is done by automated monitoring of customer’s behavior online and choosing the right social signals to benefit your business.

ROI Optimization

Small businesses get high-level ROI from marketing automation quickly. Marketing automation generates a high return on investment in a very short time. To keep track of your ROI make sure that you have clear marketing goals and use proper analytics to measure your success in marketing. Automated marketing also reduces the load on the sales team and they can focus more on selling.

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