What you can’t learn from books about Marketing Automation


Ric signed up for a newsletter with his email address. As a result, he got the download link or the first newsletter and a greeting note. A few days later, he receives a link to a related e-book. Sooner, he gets a call from the sales team about purchasing the product!

Impressive, Isn’t it?

It must be so tiring for the marketing team to analyze thousands of people who signed up and call the potential leads. In reality, it was done without anyone of the marketing team lifting a finger. This is what marketing automation does.

There are many unconventional facts about automatic automation that you won’t be finding in the books.

The not so general facts!

  • It gives an amazing client experience!

    If an individual buys a product or service from your company, how will you engage that person to move forward?

    The companies that make marketing and sales their priority knows how important it is to track people and maintain a relationship. Using automation may make these tasks easier.

    According to a survey performed by CMO.com, thirty percent of the buyers had a good experience with the retargeted advertisements. Here, retargeted ads are the ones customized to offer related content or product based on the leads actions. By allowing your marketing automation to engage, the offerings can be customized in a way that customers want.

  • Search for loopholes in your marketing and sales

    Data collection and automation goes side by side and it also gives you better insight about your relation with your customer. If there is no automation, then you might doubt that your sales team is not opting for the right leads, or that the marketing team is not going through them before passing them on.

    But with automation, you will be able to find where you are losing interest so that you can increase your B2B sales with that knowledge.

  • You can segment your customer base and personalize them!

    If you are willing to increase the B2B sales through personalized marketing without any rigorous effort then marketing segmentation is a nice idea.

    By using the data given by the marketing automation, you can find segments and options that you never hope it existed.

    Why should you stick to demographics if you can segment your customer base according to the way they use their site, the offers they accept and the article they cling on to?

  • Handle data in a better way!

    A company named Venture boat noticed that the brands typically see a 20 to 50 % rise in the revenue after using the marketing automation.

    This increase is due to the reason that the marketing automation doesn’t get tired and start committing mistakes when they start handling data of 10 campaigns instead of 4.

    You can develop your approach as complicated and data-driven as you want by using marketing automation.

  • What do you really get in return?

    Most of the marketing automation technologies can provide you a close loop reporting which means that you can observe the fruitfulness of your marketing.

    You will have clarity about the lead’s lifecycle and you will be able to make appropriate decisions about where to invest in future campaigns.

    Using minimum effort, you can launch a number of campaigns, then study them in a detailed manner to learn the ways these campaigns succeed or failed. It lets your marketing team to focus on the innovative ways to enhance the B2B sales instead of wasting their time here.

    In a nutshell, marketing automation is worth the time and money and resources for the long-term growth of your business.

Does live chat generate leads in B2B?

Does live chat generate leads in B2B?


Can you communicate with the buyers and the vendors in real time using live chat?

So, the answer is, YES!

According to a study conducted by Kissmetrics, 44% of the online users say assert that having their queries answered by a live person during the online purchase is one of the most necessary features a website can offer. Moreover, 63% of them said that they would most likely to return to a website of that kind.

For your business, live chat can give you more leads, more conversions, and customer support. How?

We would be covering that one by one.

Want to attract your buyers?

Buyers in today’s day learn things through the web and go to your website for the desired content.

If you don’t reach out to them in a proper way, they are never going to come back. Maybe some will come later after they have searched the competition but till then you have lost the option to step early into the buying cycle.

You may also lose the opportunity of influencing their judgment process and you may have missed the boat.

Things to keep in mind while adding the live chat

You can’t add live chat as such to your website. The more you make it adaptable to your customers and your requirements. the more benefit you will derive from it.

Broadly, there is three factor that you should customize to make the live chat as efficient as possible.

  • Behavior of your potential customer

    Just by pushing a live chat session to everyone who comes to your website may cause more harm than good. By using complicated rules of engagement, the live chats will grade your potential customers, and they will invite only those to chat who are showing the desired digital body language.

    For example, if they are staying on the page for a definite time period or going to a certain page. For better results, you can also tune your engine by studying the finished chats and feeding the inferences back to the rules.

    Although the subtleness of the digital things is necessary, but you also have to think about the volume. The traffic is never constant on the website and that’s why you have to adjust the chat capacity at a moment’s notice.

    If it goes wrong then you will either miss out on the opportunities or you will waste on the opportunities that could have been easier to achieve.

  • Adjust according to the geography

    Set up the live chat function to suit your customer location. Speak their language and adjust according to their time zones, so that you can have the desired type of service ready.

  • Try to see the bigger picture

    If you want to boost the conversion rates then you can add live chat to your website. It can help you provide the insight into the current trend in the market by analyzing:

    • Chat transcripts
    • Exit surveys
    • Agent exit questionnaire.

The live chat dilemma

Some of the marketers believe that they are facing a dilemma.

They want to automate inbound inquiries for the fear of including sales too early and wasting their resources on poor quality leads. But they have a risk of getting too late to the party.

By providing live chats to the proper prospects we can have an upper hand over others.

Hence, for lead generation in B2B live chat can be used to reach out to anyone who resembles your preference, who is engaged with the content of the company or with whom you are connected. You can participate in an indefinite number of chats as long as both the parties are mutually interested.

Can Web Personalization act as a revenue generator?


John wants to increase the customer base via his website, but he is worried that it might cost him huge money. He wants to increase the revenue without spending much. What should he do to attract more customers and make them feel that the website is tailor made just for them? Web personalisation is all about it.

How is it good for john? The more customers use the web personalized website, the more data his company will get. Also, increased emotional responses towards the web page shoot up the sales.

Usually, companies think that machine learning comes with huge money. Ironically, it’s much more efficient and charges quite low.

How Content personalisation works?

Content personalisation increases the user’s attention by making them feel that its customized just for them. The consumers get the idea that they are more than just a line on an excel sheet and that they are treated as separate entities.

Also, it shows that the company cares about their customers.

The most important factor for the owners is to provide a personalized experience to the customers which will lead to increased revenue.

Due to growing investment in digital marketing and predictive analytics, the majority of institutions conclude that they are personalizing content in web pages, social media, emails and e-commerce channels.

Many of them are working to enable personalization in media, marketing, and sales touch points. It ranges from mobile gadgets to partner web pages to sales enablement.

It’s all about web personalisation!

Web personalization drives revenues. It can be seen that the marketer that deliver personalized web experience are having double-digit returns than others in response and sales.

Due to the boom in personalized content websites, getting the right information at the right time to the right person has never been better. Content requirements are exploding as we are moving to a world of 24/7 engagement.

The basic challenge that is faced during the delivery of personalized web content is to place a content operating model to scale the volume and the cost of content for increasing the sales and revenue.

This is because the social media, digital marketing, and sales enablement program need more personalized content elements and campaigns related to content marketing.

Why is it so important?

If there is a lack of effective content and resources in then the revenue can fall down. And the issue may get only worse. It can:

  • drain the time and attention of senior management.
  • slow down the process of getting the relevant messages to the market.
  • limit the effect of investments in targeting, digital transformation and Customer relationship management technology.

At the end of the day, there is a need for well organized, good quality content that is required to support web personalization.

Hence, the companies can’t skip this problem. They have to change.

They need to find a sustainable and economical way to produce and manage personalized and appropriate content at the scale required for the growth in sales.

What can we do to make it more personal?

There are many things that the companies can do for real-time personalisation.

  • They can appoint an executive in charge of the content supply chain and operating model.
  • The content targeting can be streamlined by using a tagging taxonomies.
  • For proper content utilization, the customer’s profile database can be used to make the execution of Advanced web personalization strategies easier.
  • Nowadays, Modular content is also developed to meet the web personalization needs of digital marketing assets upstream-solving the problem at its source.
  • The content is planned and structured to be modular in order to easily assemble them into the content presentation templates.

The future of real-time personalisation

The scope of real-time personalisation is truly endless.

Unless the competitors who stick to the outdated technologies, the companies that have the right resources will gain a competitive advantage over the others.

Since they can greet the new opportunities with speed and agility and meet customer demands properly. So, it’s better late than never.