Prerna Ingleshwar

February 28, 2018

5 Myths about Digital Marketing you need to avoid right-away


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Myths about Digital Marketing

Being one of the fastest growing and ever-changing fields of study, Digital Marketing has become a house of many misconceptions and disbelief. Many clients and even digital marketers believe in some myths about digital marketing. These either once existed before or became prominent due to irrelevant information on the internet. To get the most from your online marketing efforts you need to stop believing in myths and start with a practical approach to digital marketing.

In order to get success in your work, you not only need to know what to do but also what not to. Let us get down to the most harmful myths about digital marketing that might impact your returns from online marketing.

SEO is Dead

With so many regulations and penalties associated with SEO people believe that SEO is out of the market. It is though true that black hat SEO is almost gone but a lot can be done to get to the top results of search pages. Publishing relevant content, building quality backlinks and working on other technical factors can help you achieve massive success.

More Tools = More Performance

It is true that some purchased tools can help you get great results from your digital marketing team. But remember that it the human talent and skills that matter more than any tool in online marketing. Tools are great for optimization of strategies but try to focus on core content and technical skills of your human resources and help them with some tools. Also, each tool has a learning curve and changing your base toolkit too often can lead to negative growth as well.

Digital marketing is a one-time activity

In our conversations with CMOs of different companies, this is the most common myth about digital marketing. The key to growth in digital marketing is experimentation backed by proper analytics. Once you get a working strategy you need constantly improvise and experiment to enhance it. If you stop with a one-time approach to your marketing it will soon become outdated and one day you will wake up to a disaster in your digital marketing. Keep a record of the analytics to stay updated with user behaviors and acquisition from online channels.

Social Media is on the top of the conversion funnel

This is one myth which has faded with improvements in social media acquisition systems. Earlier social media couldn’t directly lead to acquisition but now with improvised acquisition based ads, you can get direct customers from social media. Linkedin and twitter work exceptionally well for B2B business while Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are great for B2C customers.

Mobile is not good in lead-acquisition

It is true that the attention span is much lower on mobile as compared to desktop. Nobody wants to fill long complicated forms on their phone. But you can optimize pages for mobile, generate targeted ads, and make mobile-friendly web pages. In the end, maybe it is not the mobile but your approach that’s not working. Mobile optimized pages is also a ranking factor for SEO so you should give it due consideration.

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic way of marketing. You can growth hack your business with a correct approach towards marketing. If you avoid these common myths about digital marketing and start working the right way you get great outcomes from your budget. It is a continuous activity and keeps working on its improvisation to get the maximum output from your efforts.

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