What happens if you choose the wrong metrics?


As the sun rises every day, the alarm beeps its way through the ear canal to the conscious part of us. Two options turn out after this, choose either to listen and wake up or hit the snooze.

Marketing Data Analytics comes in handy with lots of data insights and everyone in the team wears the throne of Gold Digger. Various analytical solutions thrive in the market, choosing them is not the science; choosing the right metrics is.

  • Why is it so that the same analytical platform performs better for one entity but reaps zero results for the other?
  • Why do the CFO’s treat marketing efforts as mere expenditure oriented tasks?
  • Why is marketing treated as a money drain?
  • What is the value marketing team creating?

The answer lies in the prominent belief of Marketing as merely a head under the umbrella but not the one holding it. Changing this perspective demands a treasure trove of data showing a rerouting of money back into the entity multiplied manyfold. That’s how the efforts can be counted, every other alternative is just a namesake option. No matter how the rain treats the umbrella, the holding hand should treat the umbrella the same way. When the responsibilities shift into confident hands, the umbrella works better. It’s not the fault of the rain.

A reason why marketing still stays on the back foot in most of the organizations is due to the wrong selection of metrics. Yes, you need metrics to measure. But you need to decide what to measure and what not?

Nothing comes out of the wrong metrics, except wrong conclusions.

So, in case you consider giving the growth of an organization a boost, try growing with the right metrics. Short sighted metrics are the short term goals and may disagree with far-sighted metrics associated with the long-term success of your organization. So, listen to the alarm, try to figure out the wrong metrics and you will end up finding the right one. Establish a rerouting of money and efforts of the marketing team. Or, hit the snooze to send the organization’s growth into a deep slumber.

Is there any Gold in the Sun ?


“Once a Gold digger searched for some gold in the valley of the dark, and then he realised that he skipped the sun”Every passing second the world wide web expands its reach while you jot down the things more prominent to your level of interests. As you were reading the above sentence the people on the other side collected more data on you. The next set of information that pinches your interest is a valuable metric for those who are measuring it right. The obvious question is should you use a detective to search for it or should you focus on every single entity out there; a rather tedious way.To streamline this world has been introduced to Web Analytics. A way to gather and interpret such enormous amounts of information. In a nutshell, the whole web analytics process is a closed loop structure kicking off with Defining Goals, Building KPI’s, Collecting Data, Analyze Data, Test Alternatives and Implementation consecutively.Web Analytics is critical for continuous improvement of the offered service, as well as for gathering useful business intelligence. Organizations have been upgrading themselves with web analytics and there are valid reasons supporting the cause out there.The three contribution standpoints are:Kill False AssumptionsEvery possible conversion is tested after a possible outcome hypothesis. Some may turn out to be good and some may not. Web Analytics plays a vital role in pivoting the decision in your favor. Test a lot, finalize a few and then test again.Save you Time, Energy and TearsThere was a time when people will look through the huge phone books and then it got replaced by an inventory of content details on your mobile device. Same way is what any web analytics dashboard serving your needs. Contemplating the data as per your needs, filtering it to the optimum level. The process of going through a huge stack of uninterpreted data may be cumbersome and crushing. That way it allows you to rethink about the world’s most expensive commodity- Time.Allows to spot gaps in Opportunities and IdeasEvery day multiple ideas can pop up in the thinking machine of the organization. There is a thin line in between successful market prospects and time buying ideas. Web analytics employs the benefit of hindsight to roll down the best-suited carpet for organization’s progress.Tackling the HiPPO ( Highest paid person in office)There may be situations when any change opinion may fall into the cobweb of the decision-making process. Web Analytics becomes the savior in those situations and provides a stronghold to you opinion in front of the Big Fishes of the corporation. Whether it be change onto your website or any product listing, web analytics can be a powerful tool to empower your opinion in front of the decision makers.Thus Analytics revolves around the core concepts of digging out the most interpretive information out of the haystack of scattered data and the growth of any firm trying to establish an online presence and promote its products needs Web Analytics to be employed in the DNA.