9 Shades of Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is a new game in town. It gives small & medium businesses the freedom to run complex marketing activities with successes and optimum utilization of time.

Why would an Automation platform be useful?

1. Generate Leads – Integrated Approach

Did you know?? Lead Generation gets way better with Automated Marketing!! It’s a cake walk.

Marketing Automation can help you get your database through predefined entries or cookie tracking techniques in the form of importing data of leads from the forms through campaigns that you conduct online.

2. Software As a Service – SaaS

Well, Isn’t it interesting guys! You don’t necessarily have to master software development techniques to get your marketing motives to life. Marketing Automation offers you an explicable platform to design and mold your dynamic marketing goals.

3. Information Analytics – Infolytics

I have so much of Data! Can I Clean, integrate and transform this data to get a meaningful information which can pictorially project the outcomes in numbers and figures?

Oh Yes!! All the information that is stored in the Database shall get analyzed through a set of algorithms to sort them and depict the results for the queries being explored.

4. Multi-Channel Campaigns

Can I make my presence felt by my potential leads on the various platform?

Yes! By all means, I can. Emails, Social Media, SEOs, Web pages, Blogs can take me to my destination for tapping the right set of leads.

5. A Condensed Market Savvy

Isn’t it amazing when your marketing tool does the predictive analysis and real-time marketing for you?

You have heard it right! This automation helps you in precisely mining the data to predict the trend of the market behavior that you want to unfold.

6. CRM and Automation work separately

For executing a marketing automation process do I always need a CRM?

Not necessarily Peeps!! Without using a CRM you can relatively attach a Lead List for importing the data which leaves no space for CRM models to get working. However using a CRM you

7. Automates the marketing mix judiciously

What if I say I want a platform where I can monitor marketing tasks and workflows more efficiently?

The extended marketing mix of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence can be very well monitored to increase operation efficiency and to let the revenue get on board faster with much higher pace in integrated automation amongst all of these recurring workflows

8. Harmonizing Social Channels

Is there a Platform wherein I can provide the link of my workflows to help me get recognized through social media

Why not! Get yourself noticed. Let your work be noticed through the different social channel with one automation tool that can customize your promotional activities as per the designed framework.

9. Faux Pas

Email Marketing is synonymous to Marketing Automation

Guys, it’s a social error! Email Marketing and Market Automation aren’t the same at all.

Email marketing works as a subset of the operations handled by the Marketing Automation tool. Email Marketing gets embedded as a link in the web pages to help design campaigns to get positioned in the lead collection.

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